Top Tips: Caring for Refinished Hardwood Floors

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Top Tips: Caring for Refinished Hardwood Floors

Posted May 1, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

Hardwood floors require periodic refinishing to remove old stains and surface damage. Refinishing can make an old floor look new again, but they require gentle treatment in the days after the process or they will soon look warn again. New finish can take up to a week to dry so it’s essential you follow these top tips to keep your floor looking as a good new for as long as possible.

•    Avoid walking on the floor for 24 hours after the refinishing process is complete.

•    Minimise traffic on the area for seven days and avoid dragging heavy furniture across the floor. The floor is susceptible to damage during this period as the finish is still curing,.

•    Keep window covering s closed for a least 24 hours to prevent direct sunlight from reaching and damaging the refinished floor.

•    Sweep it with a soft, dry dust mop during the first week if it becomes dusty- but don’t vacuum or mop the floor and avoid cleaners for the first week.

•    After seven days begin regular cleaning, sweep the floor daily to remove the surface dirt and mop it once a week with hardwood floor cleaner. Where possible avoid using water and soap on the hardwood floor.

•    Clean liquids and spills from the floor immediately. Wipe them with a clean cloth before they have the chance to dry or soak into the wood, as this can cause water spots and damage.

Here at Litchfield Floor Renovations we specialise in the restoration and renovation of all types of wooden flooring. If you would like advice about your flooring or more information about our services then call us today on: 01525 220 286.

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Spruce up Your Home and Bring it Back to Life

Posted May 1, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

Is your home in need of a re-design but your choked by the prices in the magazines? Whether you live in a Victorian terrace or a modern new build, we’ve got some fantastic interior design ideas to make your home look a million dollars without breaking the bank.


First things first you need to pick a colour scheme, interior design is all about warm pastel shades that create that comforting homely environment feel. To give your home something extra incorporate a boarder around the windows and doors or add a feature wall to make your living room stand out.


Wooden flooring will add warmth, sophistication and class to any home and what’s best it will match pretty much any colour and interior décor you choose. If you’re wooden flooring is looking a bit dated and outlived this can affect the appearance of the whole room, it’s time to get your floor renovated back to its original condition to make a floor you can be proud of.


If your doors are looking a bit dated simply give them a fresh lick of paint or to give them a fresh look. If you’re looking for a completely different look change the door knobs, instead of having plain round ones go for something a little jazzier! You can get all sorts of colours, designs and shapes to create a new look.


Interior design is all about the accessories, it’s time to give your home that personal touch. Your home isn’t meant to look like a show home it’s meant to look lived in and loved so spread a bit of your personality around. Place photos and little trinkets around your home to give it a homely feel, things like flowers, candles, painted plant pots look fabulous in any home especially if the colours to compliment your home. Scatter cushions and throws over your furniture to give any room a feeling of warmth.

Here at Litchfield Floor Renovations our team are experts when it comes to refurbishing your flooring. Our team will provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to get your home looking fabulous once again. Our flooring services include, restoration, polishing and floor sanding in Stevenage more information give one our friendly team a call on 01525 220 286 or contact us here.

With so many different flooring methods and products around, it can be difficult to know where to start. But, as your local flooring experts, we have put together some handy dos and don’ts to get you started.

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Restore Your Flooring This Spring

Posted September 15, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

It’s that time of year again! Everybody dreads it but it’s time to get your home in order and start spring cleaning. The ritual of spring cleaning dates back to the Persians who believed that it stood for a lot more than just cleaning your home. It was a preparation for summer and enabled you to shake off the gloom of a long winter. It has both physical and psychological meaning. Spring time is the time for new beginnings; physically you clean and refresh your home; psychologically you make room for new ideas.

Where do you begin your spring cleaning process though? Your floors are a good place to start. Over the previous year, they suffer from a lot of wear and tear so they need rejuvenating. Wooden flooring can often look damaged but if you restore your floor, you will give it a new lease of life.

Why Do You Need Restoration?

If your floor looks damaged, aged or stained then flooring restoration is the perfect solution. Revamping your floor during spring cleaning will give your home a completely different outlook. There are various forms of restoration that suit your flooring and it will save you from doing a lot of work.

Benefits Of Wood Floor Restoration

The restoration process will bring that shine and gloss back to your old wooden flooring. It is a cost effective method of giving your home a new look. You will be able to use the same flooring for many years to come; restoration helps the longevity of your floor.

Here at Litchfield Floor Renovations our team of experts will do all they can to get your flooring looking perfect for the summer. Our flooring services include restoration, polishing and floor sanding. For any more information contact us on: 01525 220 286

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Does My Floor Really Need Condemning?

Posted September 29, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

Time and time again, LFR are called to inspect floors where our client has been informed their floor needs condemning, when in actuality all that is required is a simpler, cheaper, and easier repair and maintenance.

Wooden floors, although durable and hardy, are not invincible to damage. You may be advised to condemn your floor if it is considered a hazard (warped, uneven, lifted), or heavily damaged.

However at LFR we believe that you should only look to condemn a floor if the floor is over 80% damaged. Anything less, you may find it cheaper, easier to simpler to repair the damaged parts of the floor than to replace it in its entirety.

What should I do if I suspect my floor needs condemning?

1) If you are worried about the condition of your floor and fear it may require replacing you should call a wooden flooring expert, such as LFR, to inspect the floor as soon as possible. It is important that you resolve the core problem that is causing damage at the earliest opportunity should you wish to save your floor.

2) Obtain at least two quotes from trusted wooden floor restorers. Make sure that your restoration is good value for money.

3) If you want to restore your floor, ensure your chosen wooden floor restoration company is able to get a close match to your existing wood floor. This will help create a seamless repair or extension with a professional finish.

4) Check to see if the works is covered under household or building insurance. Often with damage resulting from an incidents, you’ll find you do not need to fork out for the repair costs.

If you have been advised to condemn your floor, we would urge you to contact us to see what solutions we could offer you. Take a look at our gallery, where we have showcased several different restorations we’ve completed for floors which had been destined to be condemned.

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Household Pets and Your Wooden Floor

Posted September 29, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

We’re a nation of animal lovers and more of us than ever before have one or more pets sharing our family home. Whilst these loveable creatures bring us hours of entertainment and much joy, they can also cause problems for your wooden floors.

As your trusted local flooring experts, we’ve identified some of the biggest risks to wooden floors for you and your pets and how to mitigate against them.

Scratches: Pets, especially larger dogs can cause scratches to wooden floors with their claws if they are prone to running or jumping around. Whilst there is little you can do to change your pets personality traits, there are a few ways to protect your floor from the damage.

Keeping claws trimmed: If your pets claws have far exceeded the pad on their foot, it means there is an increased risk they could scratch your floor. Dogs claws can be worn down by either walking them on concrete or paths, asking your vet to clip their claws, or clipping them at home with appropriate tools. A top tip is you can hear when your pets claws have gotten too long on your wooden floor, you will hear them tapping as your pet runs across the floor.

Strategically placed rugs:  Is there a particular area of your home where you pet is more likely to run or jump, maybe the front door for example. If you identify an area where your floor is in particular risk, a rug can be a great alternative to protect your floor. An additional bonus is it will give your pet extra traction for their antics too!

Pet Urine: It is important to clean up any pet urine on your wooden floor as soon as you see it. Liquid sitting on the floor for long periods of time can cause water damage to your floor. Also some pet urine, such as dog, also has ammonia in, which can cause staining and discolouration to your floor.

What to do if your pet has damaged your wooden floor
If your pet has damaged your floor, it is easily repairable and can look as good as new again. Even large ammonia stains or scratches can be easily removed. As with all damage, it is important to get it fixed as soon as the damage is noticed to prevent any further problems with the floor.

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Understanding Common Signs of Floor Damage

Posted September 29, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

Whilst wooden flooring is both hardwearing and durable, it is not invincible and like any other floor can be damaged. One of the great features of wooden flooring is that when the floor has become damaged, it is usually easy and simple to restore back to it’s former glory without the need for replacing it.

It’s important to recognise when your floor has been damaged, so that you can get the professionals, like us at LFR to start repair work and prevent further damages or increased repair bills.

Here are a few different way in which your wood flooring could be damaged. By identify and fixing the problem at an early stage, you reduce the risk of further or increased damaged at greater cost.

Scratches are without doubt, the most common damage to wooden flooring. If the floor is not properly protected, it can sustain scratches both easily and frequently. From moving furniture, to energetic pets running through the house, day to day life can result in your floor looking tired or dull, depending on where they are, scratches on a floor can be very noticeable.

Water Damage
Many people do not realise that water can cause great damage to wood floor. From storm damage, leaking pipes, spillages or pet urination. Water damage can at best leave your floor looking stained and at worst cause splits and warps in the floor boards themselves. If you suspect your floor has been subject to water damage, you should call LFR immediately as quick repairs can prevent  you need to repair whole areas of your floor.

By its nature, wood does not fair well at high temperatures. Wooden floorings are the same and can be damaged if they are subjected to high temperatures. It is even possible to burn wooden flooring simply by spilling something hot onto it. Similarly to water damage, if you have identified a burn in your floor you should think about having a repair done before the floor becomes further damaged.

Wood flooring is a fantastic option for a family home and can last a lifetime when looked after properly. One of the ways in which to do this is to have repair work carried out as soon as any damage has been identified. If you have noticed your wood flooring has been damaged and would like to get It fixed swiftly, get in touch with us today.

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How Often Should a Commercial Floor be Maintained?

Posted September 29, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

Commercial wood flooring takes a lot of footfall and heavy wear from servicing a busy environment. Overtime heel marks, spills and scuffs take their toll on the floor, not only making them appear dull and tired in appearance but also rendering them vulnerable to further more extensive damage.

From daily to deep cleaning, commercial floors require regular maintenance to retain both its aesthetic appeal and its function. Regular cleaning should be performed daily, with scheduled deep cleaning, polishing and repairs as part of an overall maintenance plan. 

How often you carry out more rigirious maintenance on your floor will depend on how often it’s used and the type of activity. We suggest keeping these key factors in mind when deciding on your floors maintenance plan.

1) How often the floor is used ?

If the floor is used daily and is exposed to heavy footfall you may want to consider a regular maintenance plan to prevent scratches and heel marks to build up, causing the floor to lose its finish.  If the floor is only used sporadically or for events, you should be able to use a reduced maintenance plan.

 2) What the floor is used for?

What the floor is used has great bearing on how often you’ll need to have maintenance on the floor. A dance floor or sports hall for example is going to be subject to heavier wear and tear than an office. If your floor is used for activities, it is crucial a site manager keeps an eye on the condition of the floor, looking for any damages that may render it not fit for purpose.

3) Is the appearance of your floor important to your business ?

From galleries to wedding venues , many of our customers depend on their floor looking pristine as part of their wider brand. An immaculate looking venue enables business to charge higher rates for hire. If your floor is looking tired and dull a simple maintenance can restore it to its former glory.

4) When was your floor last sanded?

Sanding involves removing the lop layer of the floor, including stains, scratches and resealing the floor with lacquer. A good rule of thumb is to sand your floor no less than every five years. This not only ensures your venue looks both professional and inviting, but also reduces the risk of further damages to your floor whilst extending the floors lifespan.

At LFR, we specialise in restoring and renovating of all types of wood floor in all types of commercial premises. In our extensive experience, we’ve found that if a floor looks like it needs a maintenance, it probably does. Whether this means a simple polish or a full refinish, our team is on hand to find the right solution for you and your business. Call us today for expert advice, personalise quotes or to schedule your floor repair or maintenance work.

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The Benefits of Wooden Flooring

Posted September 29, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

Here at LFR, we truly do love wooden flooring, both for its cosmetic appeal, usability and durability. But, don’t just take our word for it. Here is a list of just some of the key benefits of wooden flooring. 

1) Longevity
A well laid and maintained wooden floor truly can last for decades, where as you may find yourself needing to replace carpets every five years of so, but our hard wearing floors can be enjoyed for years to come.

2) Ease to clean 

Wood makes a great floor choice for those with busy famililes, pets, or those with the inclination to spill things! Wooden surfaces are easy to clean up spills, mess, dirt and debris whilst difficult to stain. So no matter what your floors gets put through day to day, a quick hoover and mop should have it looking good as new once again.

3) Improved Air Quality and hygiene

Did you know that a wooden floor can improve the air quality in your home? We’re not making it up! Carpeted floors often harbour dust, mites, and various other nasties that are difficult to remove by vacuuming alone. With wooden floors a daily hoover, mop, or sweep improves the overall hygiene of your home and the air quality. Not bad for flooring aye.

4) Value for money

A wooden floor is a great investment, not only does a well-cared for floor age well without little need for maintenance, it’s value can actually increase overtime and is less subject to trends. A good wooden floor will always look just that.  Furthermore, estate Agents acknowledge homes with wooden floors are easier to sell owing to their versatility.

5) Design

Whether you aspire for a contemporary look or feel in your property, or something more traditional. Wooden flooring can help you achieve the look, by either being a bold feature or subtly complimenting a theme. At LFR we have worked with interior designers, project managers and proud home owners to bring visions to life!

Here at Litchfield Floor Renovations we can help you fid the perfect floor to suit your home, lifestyle or project. Our expert team will fit you floor using specialist equipment and their extensive knowledge. Be sure to further browse our website to see all the services we offer, including our repair and restoration service. If you would like any more information then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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How to clean your wood floors. The do’s and don’ts

Posted September 29, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

Flooring is an essential component of any property domestic or commercial and should be able to withstand a high level of impact over the years.  If you have recently had your wooden floor restored, a quick and simple cleaning routine can help you protect your investment by keeping your floor looking pristine for as long as possible.

However, with so many different methods of cleaning and products crowding the market, it can be difficult to know what to use to best protect your floor. As your local flooring experts, we have put together some handy dos and don’t to help you maintain your floor in its current condition for as long as possible.

Things to do

1) If possible, vacuum your floor once a day using the brush attachment. This dry cleaning method is ideal for ridding your floor of crumbs, grit and general debris.

2) Use professional hardwood floor cleaners and a light damp sponge for scruffs and spills.

3) If you spill any liquids on your wooden floor, you should mop the spillage up as soon as possible to prevent water sitting on the flooring boards and potentially causing damage

4) Before you buy any products to clean your floor, try and identify if your floor has a hard or soft oil finish, as this will alter the type of treatment you should use on your floor to remove stains. If you are unsure how to identify what finish your floor has, there are many tutorials available on Youtube.

5) Before you apply any products to your hardwood floor, ensure you read the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Before using a new product on your wooden floor we would recommend doing a test patch on a small area, ideally out of sight.

Things not to do when cleaning your floor

1) Avoid using excess water when mopping or wiping your floor. If your wood floor gets too damp it could swell, expand or warp.

2) Use vinegar, ammonia or all-purpose cleaners. These products can cause your polished floor to dull over time. 

3) Let dirt, grit, dust or sand to build up on the floor as it will make it harder to clean in the long run. We would always recommend giving your floor a quick sweep daily, or at a minimum when anything is spilt.

4) If you notice a stain or imperfection on your floor, do not use sand-paper of similar materials in attempt to remove the stain as this could cause further damage to your floorboards.

At LFR we are specialists in restoring and repairing all types of wood flooring. Contact us today to discuss the nature of your problem and find the right solution for you and your floor.

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How to stem the causes of water damage to wood flooring.

Posted September 29, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

Here at Litchfield Floor Renovations we understand your hardwood floor is a key feature of your property; an authentic material affording you a cherished sense of homeliness. A beautiful wooden floor is inviting, pleasing to the eye. Owing to its robust nature, wooden floors often improve with age and coupled with the right care, can last for years.

There is little quite as disheartening as seeing a timeless feature marred by water damage, but thankfully there are solutions available to restore your floor to its former glory, and even get it looking better than before!

The impact of water on wooden floors

Water-damage to your hardwood flooring can range from minor to severe with potential damage to both the surface and underside of your hardwood flooring.

With slow leaking pipes, water damage is likely to build up gradually. You may notice areas of minor discolouring as often minor water damage causes floorboards to lighten or turn white in areas, you may also notice areas of damp on the floor.

More severe water damage may be caused by suddenly burst pipes or storm damage. Severe damage will be immediately apparent, you may notice pools of water on the floor, heavily sodden boards or wet drywall.

What should I do if I suspect water damage to my hardwood flooring?

First of all, ensure the cause of the water damage been resolved to prevent any future leaks or build-up of water. The area subjected to water damage should be fully dried as soon as possible to prevent further damage occurring to the floor.

For minor water damage, we are often able to sand and reseal your floor which helps to prevent the development of more serious problems to the floor.  If however you suspect your floor has been subject to severe water damage you should contact us immediately, before the floorboards have a chance to warp or split.

By intervening as early as possible, there is a chance to refurbish and restore the damaged floorboards without the need to install a whole new wooden floor.

Preventing water damage

To prevent any further damage occurring to your wooden floor, identify and fix the cause of the water damage prior to undertaking repairs.

Minimise the amount of water your floor comes into contact with through cleaning. Regularly waxing your floors and strategically placing rugs to catch spills will help further minimise the risk of damage.

You can see some of the examples of water damaged floors we have restored in our gallery. At LFR we are specialists in restoring and repairing all types of wood flooring. Contact us today to discuss the nature of your problem and find the right solution for you and your floor.

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