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Understanding Common Signs of Floor Damage

Posted September 29, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

Whilst wooden flooring is both hardwearing and durable, it is not invincible and like any other floor can be damaged. One of the great features of wooden flooring is that when the floor has become damaged, it is usually easy and simple to restore back to it’s former glory without the need for replacing it.

It’s important to recognise when your floor has been damaged, so that you can get the professionals, like us at LFR to start repair work and prevent further damages or increased repair bills.

Here are a few different way in which your wood flooring could be damaged. By identify and fixing the problem at an early stage, you reduce the risk of further or increased damaged at greater cost.

Scratches are without doubt, the most common damage to wooden flooring. If the floor is not properly protected, it can sustain scratches both easily and frequently. From moving furniture, to energetic pets running through the house, day to day life can result in your floor looking tired or dull, depending on where they are, scratches on a floor can be very noticeable.

Water Damage
Many people do not realise that water can cause great damage to wood floor. From storm damage, leaking pipes, spillages or pet urination. Water damage can at best leave your floor looking stained and at worst cause splits and warps in the floor boards themselves. If you suspect your floor has been subject to water damage, you should call LFR immediately as quick repairs can prevent  you need to repair whole areas of your floor.

By its nature, wood does not fair well at high temperatures. Wooden floorings are the same and can be damaged if they are subjected to high temperatures. It is even possible to burn wooden flooring simply by spilling something hot onto it. Similarly to water damage, if you have identified a burn in your floor you should think about having a repair done before the floor becomes further damaged.

Wood flooring is a fantastic option for a family home and can last a lifetime when looked after properly. One of the ways in which to do this is to have repair work carried out as soon as any damage has been identified. If you have noticed your wood flooring has been damaged and would like to get It fixed swiftly, get in touch with us today.

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