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The Benefits of Wooden Flooring

Posted September 29, 2020 by Litchfield Floor Renovations

Here at LFR, we truly do love wooden flooring, both for its cosmetic appeal, usability and durability. But, don’t just take our word for it. Here is a list of just some of the key benefits of wooden flooring. 

1) Longevity
A well laid and maintained wooden floor truly can last for decades, where as you may find yourself needing to replace carpets every five years of so, but our hard wearing floors can be enjoyed for years to come.

2) Ease to clean 

Wood makes a great floor choice for those with busy famililes, pets, or those with the inclination to spill things! Wooden surfaces are easy to clean up spills, mess, dirt and debris whilst difficult to stain. So no matter what your floors gets put through day to day, a quick hoover and mop should have it looking good as new once again.

3) Improved Air Quality and hygiene

Did you know that a wooden floor can improve the air quality in your home? We’re not making it up! Carpeted floors often harbour dust, mites, and various other nasties that are difficult to remove by vacuuming alone. With wooden floors a daily hoover, mop, or sweep improves the overall hygiene of your home and the air quality. Not bad for flooring aye.

4) Value for money

A wooden floor is a great investment, not only does a well-cared for floor age well without little need for maintenance, it’s value can actually increase overtime and is less subject to trends. A good wooden floor will always look just that.  Furthermore, estate Agents acknowledge homes with wooden floors are easier to sell owing to their versatility.

5) Design

Whether you aspire for a contemporary look or feel in your property, or something more traditional. Wooden flooring can help you achieve the look, by either being a bold feature or subtly complimenting a theme. At LFR we have worked with interior designers, project managers and proud home owners to bring visions to life!

Here at Litchfield Floor Renovations we can help you fid the perfect floor to suit your home, lifestyle or project. Our expert team will fit you floor using specialist equipment and their extensive knowledge. Be sure to further browse our website to see all the services we offer, including our repair and restoration service. If you would like any more information then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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