Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it likely to cost to have my floor refurbished or have a new floor installed?

The cost of having floors refurbished or new floors installed various across all jobs depending on the brief provided and size of the room. At LFR we endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible, whilst insuring we complete works using high quality products and equipment to ensure a high quality finish. At LFR we will always provide you a free no obligation quotation for any works ahead of starting and will happily answer any questions or queries you may subsequently have.

The room where I want my floor refurbished/polished/installed is full of furniture, what do I need to do?

As a service standard we ask that all rooms are vacant of anything obstructing the floor prior to us arriving at the job. If you have large pieces of furniture that you may struggle to move, please contact us to discuss.

Is my current floor suitable for restoration?

Regardless of how damaged your floor may appear visually, LFR are able to restore the majority of floors without the need for complete replacement using forward thinking, innovative solutions and working with renowned and trusted equipment and products. At LFR we truly pride ourselves on restoring floors that have been excessively damaged through fire, water, accidental damage or wear and tear. Request a free, no obligation quote and one of our team will be happy to come and inspect your floor and advice the best, tailored solution for your floor.

How long after restoration am I required to wait before I can walk on the floor?

How long you need to wait before walking on your floor or resuing a room can vary between Domestic jobs and commercial jobs. With Domestic jobs and some commercial jobs the seal and laquer we frequently use will usually dry within 2 hours, making the room useable again the same day as restoration. However for some jobs, more frequently commercial, the products we use have a longer drying time, meaning the floor may not be useable on the same day.

I have a commercial premises with a business, can you restore floors outside of business opening hours?

Yes, in the we restore wooden flooring in bars, clubs, wedding venues, and hotels, which require us to work weekends and or nights. Contact us today to discuss your specific flooring requirements and we can advise when we would be able to complete the works during hours suitable for you and your business/property.

Do you restore wooden stair cases?

Absolutely. Staircases are usually areas of high people traffic which can result in tired, uneven and worn looking stairs. LFR can complete wooden stair restorations at the same time as floor restorations to achieve a uniform look, or restore stairs independently to main floors. Click here to see photos of our previous works with stair restoration.

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