Floor Repairs

Floor Repairs

There are many reasons why a hard wood or soft wood floor may come to need repairing; From water damage to wear and tear. Using traditional repair methods, LFR provide full repair and restoration services for domestic and commercial customers.

Give your floor repairs the attention they deserve.

Floor repairs are the first stage of any quality restoration process, but if performed badly can ultimately ruin your floor. Before taking tools to wood, it is important any reputable company take into consideration the following. Is the floor old? Are the boards warped? What type of wood is it? All these questions are important when deciding on which grit paper to use on the floor. Will it take off too much of the wood which is wasteful and decreases the life of the floor? Alternatively, you can take off too little making extra work for the inefficient sander. This is why we encourage our customers to ask to see samples of previous works for floor repairs and to check a companies reviews before agreeing to go ahead with restoration works.

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