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Cleaning Your Wood Floor: Dos & Don’ts

If you’ve recently had your wood floor restored, we’re sure that you will want to keep it looking pristine for as long as possible. The flooring is an essential component of any property, and it is likely to have to withstand a lot of impact over the years. Our floor maintenance services will leave your flooring looking as good as new, but to really make the most out of your flooring, you’ll need to carry out some maintenance yourself too. Continue reading →

How Often Should Commercial Wood Flooring Be Maintained?

Commercial wood flooring can take a lot of footfall and the kind of heavy wear that comes from servicing a busy environment. Over time, however, heel marks, spills and scuffs take their toll, stealing the shine from your otherwise vibrant premises. From daily to deep cleaning and refinishing to resealing, commercial flooring needs regular maintenance to retain both its aesthetic appeal and its function.
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How To Stem The Causes Of Water Damage To Wood Flooding

Your hardwood floor is a key feature of your property; an authentic material affording you that cherished sense of homeliness. It’s inviting, pleasing to the eye and, thanks to its robust nature, it will improve with age and last for decades.
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Common Signs of Wood Flooring Damage

Whilst wood flooring can add a huge amount of character to a home, it can come at a price. The reason for this is the simple fact that wood flooring can be quite easily damaged, with damage to this type of flooring also being very noticeable.

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Restore Your Flooring This Spring

It’s that time of year again! Everybody dreads it but it’s time to get your home in order and start spring cleaning. The ritual of spring cleaning dates back to the Persians who believed that it stood for a lot more than just cleaning your home. It was a preparation for summer and enabled you to shake off the gloom of a long winter. It has both physical and psychological meaning. Spring time is the time for new beginnings; physically you clean and refresh your home; psychologically you make room for new ideas. Continue reading →

Wood Flooring: Is Your School’s Sports Hall Flooring as Safe as Possible?

As a school you, of course, have an obligation to provide the best possible facilities and ensure that these facilities meet high safety standards. A sports hall is a fantastic facility for your students to keep active and participate in extracurricular activities as well as Physical Education classes. Continue reading →

Top Tips: Caring for Refinished Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors require periodic refinishing to remove old stains and surface damage. Refinishing can make an old floor look new again, but they require gentle treatment in the days after the process or they will soon look warn again. New finish can take up to a week to dry so it’s essential you follow these top tips to keep your floor looking as a good new for as long as possible. Continue reading →

Spruce up Your Home and Bring it Back to Life

Is your home in need of a re-design but your choked by the prices in the magazines? Whether you live in a Victorian terrace or a modern new build, we’ve got some fantastic interior design ideas to make your home look a million dollars without breaking the bank. Continue reading →

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5 Benefits of Choosing Wood Flooring

Choosing to have wood flooring in your home is a big decision; it can make quite a significant difference to the look and feel of your home – so it’s only natural to feel a little apprehensive about it. But here at Litchfield Floor Renovations, we believe that the pros well outweigh any cons you can think of, and the end result is having stunning wooden floors in your home. So we have devised a list of benefits to choosing wood flooring in Stevenage so you can feel 100% confident you are making the right decision. Continue reading →

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Professional Job Completed

“The floor was transformed into an easy to care for hygienic showpiece in just a few hours with absolutely NO mess or dust; a really professional job!”

Mrs R, Leighton Buzzard, Beds

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